Thanks to 17 years of fire fighting experience and being a proud authorized distributor of the global premium brands from Tyco Fire Protection Products, Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies is the market leader in fire fighting equipment. AFST not only supply the most effective tried and tested equipment and foams available on the world market, we also provide lab based testing of foam, comprehensive technical support, design services, onsite support, field testing, assembly services, as well as service & maintenance of equipment. Our strength lies in our ability to be a single source for all your fire protection system needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to support customers with fire protection solutions in diverse markets such as oil and petrochemical producers, mining, power generation plants, logistics, marine & and offshore industries around the world.

In mid-2016 Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies formed Industrial Fire & Hazard Control was formed and will focus solely on the Williams Fire & Hazard Control products and services for Southern Africa.

It is the intent of Industrial Fire & Hazard Control to take the expertise and product development of Williams Fire & Hazard Control in flammable liquid fire fighting extinguishment, derived over three generations and developed in the face of extinguishing some of the biggest fires in the history of industrial fires in the world, and to bring this expertise directly to all our clients in the Southern African region and further afield into Africa.

Williams Fire & Hazard Control is primarily a response company, having faced more than 200 of the industry’s most threatening flammable liquid fire scenarios and these responses have shaped the Response Tactics and Equipment that the company has developed to meet and defeat these challenges. As the risks and tank sizes continue to grow proportionally in the industrial sector, it has become necessary to advance tactics and equipment to outpace the contingencies inherent in these operational risks and trends. This, as the sole focus of Williams Fire & Hazard Control, becomes the sole focus of Industrial Fire & Hazard Control.

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