The leading Fire Extinghuisers Supplier in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fire is a natural occurrence that can happen in any environment. In order to be prepared for this, many businesses and households have fire extinguishers on hand.

Advanced Fire Suppression Systems are the leaders in Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers South Africa.

We make it our job to ensure that fire equipment is always available when you need them the most.

We provide a range of fire protection products from different materials and sizes, so they can accommodate any size and type of space.

Do you want to make sure that your business is safe from a fire?

A fire extinguisher can be used in case of an emergency and can help save lives, equipment, and the building itself. It’s important to have high-quality fire protection on hand at all times.

At Advanced FST., we offer industry-leading brands for commercial buildings as well as residential use so you know your business will be protected no matter what type of structure it is.

Our clients who trust us for fire suppression systems span the African continent. So, whether your head office needs a sprinkler in Kwazulu Natal or hose reels in Gauteng or the Western Cape, we have the fire detection products and are the fire extinguisher suppliers you need.

The Advanced FST distribution network

Advanced FST specialises in one-stop fire detection, prevention, protection & mitigation services. Advanced FST is the official distributor of Johnson Controls products in the sub-Saharan Africa region. Johnson Controls is the largest fire protection group in the world, with the most advanced firefighting products.

Advanced FST has over 1 150 clients, with 9 strategically located South African branches in Musina, Steelpoort, Mokopane, Emalahleni, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Kimberley & Rustenburg.

Clients with maintenance contracts/ SLA’s benefit from 24/7 on-site service.

Internationally approved product with excellent features

Advanced FST has also secured Johnson Controls FireClass detection and control systems – an internationally approved product with excellent features. FireClass has panels to suit all needs, including the FC501 Panel – the most affordable “Addressable fire control panel”, and the first “three-tiered detector (for smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection).”

The Advanced FST installers- and service technicians are internationally trained, and available to our clients 24 hours a day throughout the year.

We can also offer permanent on-site representation by means of SLA’s.

Our products and services

Advanced FST offers a complete product range of fire equipment for detection, prevention, protection and mitigation solutions, including:

·               Engineered fire suppression systems for fixed installations
·               Smoke aspiration systems
·               Full range of fire extinguishers
·               Fire detection and control systems

Thanks to 19 years of fire fighting experience and being a proud authorized distributor of the global premium brands from Tyco Fire Protection Products, Advanced FST is the market leader in fire equipment and fire experts able to help you mitigate risk.

mining sector fire extinghuisher
hospitalty industry

Mining Industry

Advanced FST is a leading supplier of fire protection equipment for mining in South Africa.

Our focus on innovation and our extensive experience with the latest technology gives you, the customer, peace of mind that your assets are protected to international standards. We supply only quality products from respected brands.

Hospitality and Commercial sectors

Preserve your business with quality fire protection. As you’re building up your operations, it’s important to think about how you’ve prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

If your property sustains damage from fire then who will be there to help you?

When fires strike that is usually when everything falls apart.

These are moments of extreme stress and fear that is why we offer Designated Fire Protection :

Dedicated service personnel & firefighters on standby 24/7;

Fully licensed installers; a full range of services including installation, upgrades, test inspection, servicing maintenance and the range of our fire equipment products.

Agriculture sector

Fire is a major risk in the agriculture sector which could not only lead to major production and asset losses but also to fatalities.

Ensuring that your equipment, warehouses, infrastructures like silos and cold storage is fully covered at all times against the risk of fire is crucial to every operation.

With our qualified staff, national and international certifications and our winning products, we are able to ensure that a tailor-made system be designed for your needs.

Giving you peace of mind that your operation is protected against the basic risk at hand.