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RAASM Automatic Centralised Lubrication Equipment
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RAASM Automatic Centralised Lubrication Equipment

Advanced FST is the sole distributor of the RAASM Automatic Centralised Lubrication Equipment (CLE) in sub-Saharan Africa. Designed to extend the component life of moving parts on machines, the system lubricates pins and bushes to reduce equipment wear and tear and maintenance costs and to increase productivity.


Compared to manual lubrication, the RAASM system offers various advantages like increasing equipment productivity and service life, as well as:


  • Reducing costly downtimes due to insufficient or no lubrication, thus also reducing the costs of repair and spare parts.
  • Correct dosing avoids unnecessary waste of lubricant, minimising costs and reducing the risk of environmental impact.
  • Allowing access to hard-to-reach areas, thereby avoiding potentially dangerous situations for the operator.
  • Allowing the programming of dosing times according to the specific machine requirements, and controlling the functionality of the entire system through special control equipment.
  • Allowing the right quantity of lubricant to be adjusted point by point, even in phases after installation.
  • Facilitating the implementation of the system using additional modular components, thus responding to the changing needs of the end customer.
  • The RAASM system offers top-quality Italian technology that is interchangeable with existing products on the market at competitive prices.


The RAASM Automatic CLE range offers the progressive system, single-line system, dual-line system, and multi-line system. These all comprise

  • Pumps, pumping elements, and pressure relief valves
  • Divider blocks
  • Systems controllers
  • Fittings, filters, and accessories

RAASM Spa specialised in manufacturing equipment for the transfer of fluids, used in various industries such as:

automotive, agriculture, construction, chemical industry, mines, shipyards, engineering industry, aviation, railway industry, manufacturing industry, etc.

RAASM products are suitable for handling a wide variety of fluids and lubricants, including: oils, greases, antifreeze, diesel fuel, air, water, detergents, paints, chemical products, etc.

Established in 1975 and located in Cassola (Vicenza – Italy), RAASM occupies an area of 22,000 sqm in a 100,000 sqm park, where it designs and manufactures the entire range of products, making use of a qualified R&D department and the very latest equipment.

Today, RAASM is recognised on a world level thanks to a vast sales network with distributors worldwide.

Also active with its own seat in the United States (RAASM USA, Inc. Charlotte – NC) and, thanks to an expert technical sales staff and a warehouse, is the reference point for all distributors in the North American market.

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