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The Advanced Foam Stored Pressure system utilizes an agent storage tank(s) that contain a mixture between water and AFFF chemical solution. The Advanced stored pressure system is a pre-engineered, fixed nozzle system designed to be used either as a stand-alone system or work in tangent with another system i.e Asex. These two systems will act as the primary suppression system.

The dry chemical/liquid agent twin agent system is for the protection of large, off-road type vehicles and non-vehicle construction and mining equipment such as large excavators/ shovels, draglines, haul trucks, and wheel loaders. Speciality vehicles such as slag, pot, slab carriers, tunnel boring machines, waste management equipment and forestry vehicles. This type of equipment has large volumes of oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids under pressure.

> Locally designed and manufactured
> SABS Approved
> Manual/Automatic Actuation
> Only uses foam Extinguishing agent
> 25lt, 35lt, 45lt and 65lt tank sizes available

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