Power CAFS

The Advanced Power CAFS

The Advanced Power CAFS is a new generation of Rapid Response Systems that are immediately operational without the need to run hoses, provide supply lines or engage pumps. This 50-litre Power CAFS can fit neatly into any SUV and is ideal for extinguishing motor vehicle fires, structural fires in their incipient stages, tyre fires, wildland fires, rubbish fires, thatch fires, etc. The unit can be refilled in the field and offers extended operational application time. The advanced Power CAFS offers the selection of wet impactive foam or dry type foam for adhering to smooth surfaces, ideal for structure protection or coating during firefighting operations. The system operates ideally with Ansul Silv-Ex Class A foam or Hydral 3C AFFF foam. The Advanced PowerCAFS system brings new meaning to Rapid intervention.

The Advanced PowerCAFS, is the ideal system for a Rapid Intervention capability punching way beyond its weight category.

For more info or a quote, please send a mail to trevor@industrialfire.co.za

Power CAFS