SpraySafe Safety Tunnel

Advanced SpraySafe Sanitising Safety Tunnel.
The SpraySafe Tunnel is designed to be erected where large numbers of people will congregate and require sanitising. The Tunnel is designed to expose the person to 5 seconds of Advanced VITA (100% non-toxic) to ensure full coverage whilst allowing approximately 430 people to move through the tunnel per hour. The nozzle design and pump selection is of such a nature that it allows full atomisation of the Advanced VITA into a fine mist so, on exiting the Tunnel, the sanitised person experiences no dampness or wetness and therefore experiences no discomfort whatsoever. Prior to commencement, we do a single microbial reduction test to show the efficacy of the shower for that particular tunnel for that particular day’s operation and to ensure that, after erection, the tunnel is operating at full performance and within specification. The results of these tests are retained as documented evidence for each usage. After the test, the people walk through the shower for full body sanitising……head to toe, including the underside of the shoes as this is now showing as a key area of contamination of the virus as it is carried into buildings, shopping malls, offices, etc. The Tunnel can be operated without limit to hours, days or any other element of frequency and can be set up in any and all conceivable environments. In the event that electricity (220 volt) is not available, generators will adequately suffice. Further to this, there is no limit to the number of Tunnels that can be erected at a site in order to reduce the movement of pass-through time.


  • 2000 mm nozzle height
  • 2300 mm roof pitch
  • 970 mm wide
  • 2000mm long


  • SS 304 sqr tube frame with opaque polycarb sheet covers on side and roof
  • Plug and play unit ready to be supplied with sanitiser direct in to pump unit
  • SS instrument HP mist manifold with 6 off 0.2 mm sanitising mist nozzles
  • Working pressure: 65~70 kgf/cm2 | suction volume: 0.9~1 L/min
  • 1000 psi operating pressure for optimal misting effect using the narrowest orifice nozzles
  • Nickel-plated forged brass manifold resists rust and corrosion
  • Special Viton seals for use with sanitisers
  • Patented internal rinse cooling design to increase pump life
  • Dual bearing design to lower the heat and noise level down to 75 dB
  • Automatic pressure valve controls the consistency of the pump pressure
  • Dual assembly with settings for minutes and seconds to set the misting intervals
  • Dual analog timer has settings for minutes and seconds to set exact intervals for misting and stopping.
  • The shortest spray time setting: 5 seconds; the shortest stop time setting: 15 seconds
  • Beam activated entry and auto stop