Portable Decontamination

Portable Decontamination Kits

Are designed to allow individuals to be fully sanitised anywhere and at any time. The kits are designed as backpack operations or are hand held for quick operation and require very little set-up time. The portable decontamination kits come complete with all the required items for operation. These kits are designed for self-application by a client after a full training session on the operation and the application of each kit. These portable decontamination kits work exclusively with Advanced VITA because of the 100% non-toxicity as well as the efficacy of the product. There are various kits on offer that are selected by requirement and cover the following applications:

  • Fogging
  • Misting
  • Spraying

The selection of the product and the application method is dependent on the assessment that we do with the client.

Portable Collapsible Showers

Are frequently used in our hazmat operations throughout Africa. These showers are easily assembled and erected and allow thorough decontamination as opposed to sanitising. Primarily, we use these showers for first responders following the decontamination of buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, or any area where our first responders could potentially have been exposed to any Pathogen for extended periods of time. However, this shower can also be used for sanitising smaller number of people but the flow rates are higher and would be better suited for manual workers who have no qualm about getting damp and wetting their boots. For the first responders who performed the decontamination of sites, the coveralls and Class A hazmat suits are removed, containerised in special containers and then taken for full decontamination before being placed back into operation.

Standalone Application Systems for Sanitising & Decontaminating

These systems are designed as stand-alone sanitising and decontaminating systems. Generally, depending on the model selected, they offer long periods of operation in order to cover large areas, either internal or external environments. These systems offer either or a combination of the following applications:

  • Fogging
  • Misting
  • Spraying

The standalone system is carefully selected in accordance with the clients unique requirements. This is determined through a risk assessment of site and personnel as well as the planned outcomes. The system offer 220 volt operation through to self-driven systems and are either single operator or, for greater efficacy, dual operators. Ideally these systems are for our service teams to operate with but, with the correct overall training for operation and application, clients can also use them for own use.

Personal Protective Equipment

is a critically important part of all our efforts to ensure that the staff, each member, mitigates the potential of contamination to the most extended degree through his/her own intervention. This includes our supply of the following PPE:

  • Full range of face masks
  • Coveralls
  • Gloves
  • Face shields
  • Aprons
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Hand wash liquid dispenses
  • Hard hat visors
  • Handheld thermometers

Screening & Testing of employees

is part of our solutions-based offer. In this instance, we offer pre and post return to work screening and testing. Our testing is executed by industry professionals. The data interpretation is automated so can be captured on the employees file to be considered with the sanitising and screening process. During the screening process, the employee’s file is updated with each screening and this can be done with our IRCA Global software that is directly linked the employees tag. This ensures that all the relevant data concerning the company’s efforts at mitigating COVID-19 is tracked and recorded on each individual employee’s profile. We have a dedicated protocol and SOP that is immediately action by trained professionals in the event any employee is tested positive for COVID-19 during the screening and testing procedure. In conjunction with the screening and testing, we offer the following services:

  • Onsite Primary Health and Occupational Health Services
  • COIDA management and Advisory
  • Digital Health & Wellbeing
  • COVID-19 Clinical Aid Referral Hotline